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March 17

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For bold and audacious leaders using business as a force for good.


How to cultivate a fiercely loyal superfan customer base.

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Exclusive Training

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Our mission is to support leaders using business as a force for good.

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Discover what triggers and drives cult-brand devotion

In this groundbreaking training, legendary publisher Darren Hardy peels back the curtain on how cult brand builders spark an almost religious follower devotion - and how you can cultivate the same intense bonds, loyalty, and advocacy with your own customer base.

Results you can expect cultivating SUPERFANS

Surging revenue and fandom:

Cult-brand status directly translates into significant sales boosts. Loyal customers buy repeatedly and become vocal advocates, propelling your brand’s organic growth without additional ad spend.

Lower costs and viral growth:

When customers are this devoted, they do the marketing for you, sharing their love for your brand on every possible platform, reducing the need and cost for traditional marketing efforts.

Attract the very best talent:

Cult-like brands are magnets for top industry talent. Talented players are eager to associate with businesses that resonate on a deeper level. This ensures you are teaming with the best to drive your business further.

Gain exclusive access to the playbook of today's most obsessively followed icons & companies

Featuring real-world examples from today's masters at building raving fan communities, you'll learn how to spark intense bonds, empower evangelists, and drive exponential growth by attracting and keeping fiercely loyal customers for life.